On animation

Hi my name is Stijn Heirstrate. I make brickfilms and in this post I’m going to tell you more about animation.

What do you need?

– lamps, 2 will do

– a camera with decent quality (webcams can be used for animations and you can get a pretty good one      (5 MP) for less than 50 dollar)

– a good computer

– lots of space next to your desk

-material you want to animate with, for example: plasticine, or what I personally use, LEGO (which is called brickfilming)

– and most important: patience

If you have your story and set ready you first:

– put on some dark clothes (helps against flickers)

– set up your lamps before your set

-make sure that your room is totally dark and that the only light in the room is coming from your 2 lamps

Then you start animating.

You either take photo’s directly from a webcam, and load the frames onto your computer, or youconnect your camera to your computer (driver needed!) and open up your frame capture. (there exists free software for this, there’ll be a post on this soon)

Then you can take frames directly from your camera. When done animating, the software makes all the frames into 1 video file.
This is the best and easiest way to animate.

Yes and if you want to have a decent frame rate, then just animate at 15 frames per second

It’s pretty easy and looks good.

Want to see some of my animations?

Go to www.youtube.com/darkman13forever

Want to find a bit out about brickfilming? (LEGO animations)

Go to www.brickfilms.com/resources.php

Want to talk and communicate, help or be helped by brickfilmers?

Go to http://www.bricksinmotion.com/refugeecamp/

Post written by: Stijn Heirstrate
Many thanks!


~ by easternlights on August 26, 2008.

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