November update, Conflict and Quantum Of Solace

Good to be back. Michiel Vaernewijck is back with filmmaking tips and tricks with professional advice from people out of the business. But first, we will have to clear some things up.

To explain our inactivity…well there’s actually no excuse for this. But what’s true, is that we worked and worked and worked. So many things have happened. I’ve just finished shooting my new film, Conflict, premiering in Belgium on Sunday 16 November. A lot of things have happened. I now work with a local radio, slurping up some of my precious time. School has become harder, and we receive calls and messages from people all around the world about our projects and with things to offer. Keeping this blog was very difficult, and now I’m trying to pick it up again.

As a true Bondfan it’s likely that I go see the new Bondfilm, Quantum Of Solace, the real first sequel in the series. A review is likely to turn up sometime this month with a look at the evolution of the character in nearly 50 years. To finish this short and informative blog I had the chance to talk to some amazing composers at a press conference. Big names like Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive), Dario Marianelli (V For Vendetta, Atonement), James Newton Howard (King Kong, The Dark Knight) and nobody more or less than 007 composer David Arnold himself.

We had a very sympathetic chat with this interesting man and talked about his score for Quantum Of Solace…see the video quickly!



The complete subtitled interview with David Arnold:


~ by easternlights on November 5, 2008.

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