In Short

Eastern Lights Productions is a small group of enthousiastic filmmakers, artists, musicians and actors with as a main hobby making films.

Founder and director of Eastern Lights Productions has made, with his fellow filmmaker, showman and actor Sander Gillis, some interesting short films and reports like their first short film, The Box. It was a very mysterious short film and appealed to people around the world, basically because there was no dialog, so any person who speaks any language could enjoy it.


In the beginning of June 2007 Michiel Vaernewijck became very interested and film, and when he discovered the CyberShot digital camera of his father, he started to film and document everything he saw. Ideas sprang up to make films, and one film in particular, being realised just now in 2008. He wrote a script, held a small meeting with his two friends, Matthias Herthoge (who is still a member of our team) and Lara Verlinde (who departed not very long after the meeting) and brainstormed about the story. Sadly, the film was never made. This, however, gave Michiel time to think about other projects. He chose a name for his “studios” which became Eastern Lights (the history of the name will be told somewhere else). Not soon after that, he was contacted by a fellow student who he barely knew, the excentric Sander Gillis.

Sander had a very big interest in making entertaining films, especially acting them out in front of the camera. And so it was that in the end of August 2007 they started filming their first feature film, Fourtune, with a script almost exactly copied from Ocean’s Eleven. But, it became nearly a habit, school began and the film was cancelled with an unfinished script, a filmed opening scene and angry actors. But then?

Sander quickly had the idea to place himself in the spotlight by organizing the Sander Gillis Christmas Special. It was the first time his acting and showman skills were visible on the screen, and the first time Michiel got the chance to edit some real material, which was not without flaws. Never the less, Michiel en Sander made their first short film, The Box, filming a bit in December, and continued filming exactly one month later, right in the middle of a scene. In one second of continuous screen time one month had passed.
Nobody noticed a thing.

They went on to make some entertaining short films and videos, and during the filming of Cold Blood in March 2008, things took an impressive turn.

De Overname in VRT

In late March 2008 Sander had an idea to participate at some kind of contest, De Overname. Not intrigued by it at all, Michiel submitted his information and waited.

Not very long after that, they got a phone call which changed – everything -. They were invited to introduce themselves to join De Overname, a project to let 25 teenagers make television and radio shows. After the audition, which involved Andrea Croonenberghs, they got into a selection of 80 people to attend workshops in the Flemish Radio and Television Station (VRT), which they enjoyed immensely. They met famous people, discovered awesome new friends, but were not elected to be one of the 25 people to appear on television…


The road goes on and on, making short films, attending film festivals, making videos, making films and meeting new people. Find all the latest news on this blog, and I hope to see you soon, bye!

Michiel Vaernewijck


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