Behind The Scenes


< Michiel Vaernewijck is the founder, director, actor, editor, screenwriter of Eastern Lights Productions and has worked on every project since he founded the organisation.
Joined : July 2007 (founded)


Sander Gillis is an excentric young showman, has great entertaining abilities and has been actor in nearly all projects of Eastern Lights, with or without limits…the sky is the limit. >
Joined: November 2007


< Jules Van Hoe is an actor, production assistant and an assistant to the director.
Joined: July 2008


Matthias Herthoge is one of the many camera operators and publicist to the projects. >
Joined: August 2007


< Alan Van Rompuy composes themes for the projects. To this day, we haven’t been able to use any of his music due to recording problems.
Joined: November 2007


Robin Walas takes care of our poster artwork since Super Sander. We are very glad to have him in the team. >
: June 2008


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